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Please leave feedback regarding the site here. We hope to use your feedback to continue improving the wiki.

Hi. I entered the wiki in order to update the information on the "Jesús T. Piñero Collection" in Carolina, Puerto Rico. I found that two very helpful lists had been added to the main page since I last used the wiki: one for all U.S. states and one for different countries. I looked at both lists and found that Puerto Rico appears in neither. While this situation may be just another confirmation of our island's colonial status, it might be good to include Puerto Rico in one of the lists. I personally would prefer to see it in the list of countries, but I am sure the people in charge of the wiki can make their own decision.

The work your doing is great and I do appreciate it. Hope the wiki continues to grow. Thanks for all your work.

Jaime Partsch

You need a category for digital archives and the ability to cross-reference paper archives with substantial digital content. It would also be nice to be able to add pictures--it would releive the stark design of the site.

Larry Cebula Washington State Digital Archives

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