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The AHA requests that all contributors register and validate their email address before adding of editing content. This is only to protect the site against vandalism and spam. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose. We also encourage all contributors and users to create a personal profile page to share your research interests with other uses. Users who contact you through this page will not be able to see your email address.

Editorial Guidelines

When starting new pages, we request that you follow a few basic conventions in order to create as much consistency between each entry. We hope that such a consistency will make it easier for users to quickly review entries.

For example, here is what you should provide in each of the nine categories:

1 Institutional Name: Please use the full, formal name of the institution and avoid abbreviations.

2 Address and Contact Info: Provide the street address (and mailing address, if different), telephone number, fax number, web site address, and the principal contacts for the collection. The principal contact (or contacts) should be the person most knowledgeable about the materials and/or the person you should contact about scheduling your visit.

3 Hours and Usage Restrictions: Provide the days of week the archives is open and the hours it is open on those days. If there is an established way of announcing closures (such as by a telephone recording or on your website), provide that information here. If there are any unusual usage restrictions (beyond those of a normal archives), provide this information as well.

4 Online Catalogs and Finding Aids: If the archives has an online catalog and/or online finding aids, provide the links here.

5 Collection Summary: Provide a short narrative giving an overview of the type of materials the repository holds and the major subject areas. If there are any unusual or noteworthy smaller collections you may describe them as well. You may also provide historical background on the repository if that is helpful to users.

6 Usage Discussion: This section is intended primarily for information provided by historians, particularly the "suggestions for approaching the material." These "suggestions" would be informal advice about how to navigate the archives' finding aids or any other advice about getting access to materials. The "housing and getting by for less in the area" section is pretty much what it says--tips for saving money while visiting the archives.

7 Fellowships and Funding Opportunities: If there are fellowships or other sources of funding available to assist with doing research at the archives, include that information here.

8 Major Topic Areas: Include here terms that describe the major topic areas of your collection to assist users in finding this description in a keyword search of this wiki.

9 Categories: Go to the "Browse by Category" section of the wiki to see what kinds of terms are currently being used as "categories." Originally these categories were used to describe the location of the archives. The use of categories may evolve as the wiki evolves, so see what the community seems to be doing and decide accordingly.


Please feel free to send us feedback regarding these guidelines. We welcome user input and will revise these guidelines whenever a consensus of users supports a change.

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