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Union League Club of Chicago


65 W. Jackson Blvd.

Chicago, IL 60604







Schedule & hours

Please email or call for an appointment.

Closed on weekends and public holidays. May also be closed on other days for organizational reasons.

Working language(s)



The history of the Union League Club is reflective of our city, state, and nation. Throughout the years, the Club’s Members, who have been political, social, and economic leaders of Chicago, have grappled with issues affecting all of us.

Among the many highlights of this documentation are the records of:

+ Washington’s Birthday patriotic celebrations (1887-present); the Club’s answer to the Haymarket Riot of 1886

+ the War Committee (1917-1919) formed to support U.S. participation in World War I

+ the Illinois Constitutional Convention of 1970 and the Club’s role in promoting the reform

+ the campaign of members Anthony Batko and Paul Stack to build the Harold Washington Library

+ the formation of the Union League Boys and Girls Clubs and the Civic & Arts Foundation

+ the vote to support the moratorium on the death penalty; and much more.

Some notable materials include:

+ letters from United States Presidents Grant, McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, Wilson, Hoover, and Eisenhower

+ photographs and scrapbooks documenting internal activities and celebrities who have visited the Club

+ video and audio tapes of Club events; and related realia.

The Archives also preserves the records of thousands of members, past and present, dating back to the 1880s. A visit to the Archives reinforces the connection members feel to key players in local and national history who once enjoyed the Club's hospitality and camaraderie.

Research procedures


On-site access to the Archives is by appointment only. Currently, there is only one staff member who has access to the Archives and she is also the Director. Therefore, she is not always available. Please email or call for an appointment or for information. Keep in mind that may take several days to respond to requests and sometimes 7-10 days to complete the request, depending on the amount of materials found. Once you have contacted the Archivist, you will need to fill out a Material Release Request Form.

Permitted and prohibited items

  • Permitted:

Laptop Computers, Pencils, Paper, Notebooks

  • Prohibited:

Food, Drinks, Pens, Gum, Overcoats

Document ordering and delivery

Documents requested electronically can be received in either PDF or JPG format.

Photocopying, photography, microfilming

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Key individuals

Anita Mechler

Director of the Library & Archives

Library: 312.435.4818

Archives: 312.692.2314

Fax: 312.692.2322




Lockers are not available, however, a complimentary coat check is on the 1st floor for overcoats and any bulky luggage.


Restrooms are available on First Floor.

Internet access

Wireless internet access is provided.


The Club is located in the South Loop of Downtown Chicago. It can be very easily accessed via bus and train transit. It is closest to the Blue Line Jackson Stop, the Red Line Jackson Stop, and the Orange, Brown, and Pink line stop for Library/State/Van Buren. Ogilvie Transportation Center and Union Station are a few blocks away.

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