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Any foreign researcher conducting any academic research anywhere in Indonesia must enter the country on a research visa and secure a research permit (Surat Izin Penelitian) from the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology. For information on this process, see Research Procedures for Foreigners. Although not all archives in Indonesia check for a research permit from MenRisTek, many do, and in any case entering the country for research purposes without using a research visa is a risky proposition.

In addition to the national research permit from MenRisTek, researchers are required to report to provincial administrations wherever they are authorized to conduct research (usually to the KesBang division). The provincial office can sometimes produce additional paperwork that must be carried and/or surrendered to archives to gain access to the collection.

One website working to increase data available digitally and remotely about archives in Indonesia is the Jaringan Informasi Kearsipan Nasional. There you can find an incomplete catalog encompassing parts of the ANRI collection and several provincial collections.

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