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25 Cavenagh Street
(Street Address) Darwin NT 0800

GPO Box 874
(Postal Address) Darwin NT 0801

58 Hartley St
(Street Address) Alice Springs NT 0870

PO Box 8225
(Postal Address) Alice Springs NT 0871



(08) 8924 7677 (Darwin)
(08) 8951 5669 (Alice Springs)


(08) 8924 7660 (Darwin)
(08) 8951 5232 (Alice Springs)


Schedule & hours

Monday to Friday 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. (Both offices)

Working language(s)

(what languages do you need, and what languages can you limp by on?)

Directions to the archive

The archives' website provides maps for both of its locations.


The archives' holdings can be viewed online in PDF format.

Research procedures


(what permits, identity documents, or letters of reference do you need to present? how far in advance must you begin to register?)

Permitted and prohibited items

(if possible, account for laptop computers, cameras, scanners, phones, pens and pencils, loose papers, and so on)

  • Permitted:
  • Prohibited:

Document ordering and delivery

(how do you request documents? how many can you order at a time? how are documents delivered?)

Photocopying, photography, microfilming

(what are costs, permits, and page limits? how long do you have to wait?)

Key individuals

(give names of archive staff and other individuals who can help researchers)


(details on food, coffee, lockers, washrooms, transportation, internet access, and the like)

See also

(links to relevant websites and resources)

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