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Address and Contact Info

Address: 33 Marrett Rd., Lexington, MA 02421

Phone: (781) 861-6559

Fax: (781) 861-9846

Web page:

Executive Director: John H. Ott

Online Finding Aid:

Archivists (principal contacts for advice on the collection):

Hours and usage restrictions

Collection Summary

The Van Gorden-Williams Library consists of 60,000 volumes and 1,600 serial titles (closed and current). The archives contains 2,500 linear feet. The collection focuses on Freemasonry and fraternal organizations and their influence on American society and culture. Related groups are part of this focus and include women’s societies, African American Masonic organizations, youth groups, and foreign Freemasonry. In addition, the library has general studies and significant works on aspects of American history and the decorative arts; museum, library, and archival studies; auction and sale catalogs; and general reference. Library material may be used in the Reading Room. An appointment is suggested for extensive research.

The museum’s permanent object collections (more than 15,000 items) focus on three areas: history of Freemasonry and fraternal organizations, Revolutionary War, and general Americana. Requests for access to the collections are reviewed on an individual basis and must be arranged with the curators of the collections. Photographic requests for items in the collections, black and white prints and slides, are handled by the collections manager.

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