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Arhivele Nationale
(Sediul Central)
Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta nr. 49, Sector 5,
050000 Bucuresti

Blvd. Elisabeta, Nr. 49;
Bucharest, ROMANIA

Website -- Language Romanian. An English language version is in the works.


+40-21-303.7080 ext. 10388 (for the Reading Room)

+40.21.312.5841 and +40.21.313.1838




secretariat [dot] an [at] mira [dot] gov [dot] ro

Schedule & hours

(include information about annual closures)

Working language(s)



(description of reading rooms, store rooms, etc)


(how to find the archive)


Description of holdings

(a more extensive description (qualitative and/or quantitative) of the holdings and the state in which they are kept)

History of the archive

(previous location(s) of collection held there, and any information that might help researchers to navigate previous systems)

Catalogues & finding aids

A list of the archive's holdings available to researchers is available online. (PDF Format. Romanian Language only)

Languages of materials

all materials are available in Romanian. Depending on the period studied, some material is available in other languages.

Restrictions & difficulties

The archives law insists on binding the folders into a "unit." this makes photocopying the material difficult. Special permission is required for access to unbound material.

Classified material

Inaccessible material

Future of the archive

(what direction is the archive going? what rumours have you heard?)

Research procedures


(what permits, identity documents, or letters of reference do you need to present? how far in advance must you begin to register?)

First visit

(what happens when you first come to the archives?)

Permitted and prohibited items

(if possible, account for laptop computers, cameras, scanners, phones, pens and pencils, loose papers, and so on)

  • Permitted: laptops, digital cameras, phones (recommend you keep it on silent); pens and pencils, loose paper
  • Prohibited:

Document ordering

after going through the catalogue, you order documents (10 folders per day for the duration of your stay) by filling out the necessary forms (available in the reading room). An explanation of the forms is available to researchers during orientation. materials are brought it two or three times a week from off site.

Ordering classified material

There is no classified material available to researchers. Collections that are not yet "open" can be seen with special permission from the archive director. Requests to the archive director need to be made in writing.

Document delivery

(how long does it take for documents to arrive? where are they delivered? how many can you consult at a time? what do you do when you are finished with an item?)

Photocopying, photography, microfilming

Digital cameras are allowed and encouraged. The cost to use a digital camera is 5RON/day (approx. 2USD). There is no limit on the number of pages that can be photographed.

Copies of the documents can be ordered from the archive staff.

Key forms

(what are the main forms that the archive uses? if possible, provide links to copies or post copies directly)

Key individuals

Archive staff

The Archive director, appointed in 2007, is Dr. Dorin Dobrincu. Previously, he was a member of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Communism, also known as the Tismaneanu Commission. Under his leadership, the archives opened up most if not all of the documents of the Romanian Communist Party to researchers. He also changed the archive's rules to allow the use of laptops and digital cameras in the reading room.


(scholars who are familiar with this archive)


(published works based on research at this archive)



There is no cafeteria open to the public at the Archive. There is a coffee machine in the lobby. The price for a coffee was approximately 0.50USD. There are several restaurants within walking distance.


Lockers are available for researchers. You can discuss your needs with the reading room staff.


Washrooms are available on the first floor (ground floor) of the building. The women's room is on the left side of the staircase, the men's on the right.


Internet access

no internet access is available at the archive.



Archive publications can be purchased from the reading room staff. There is a display case in the lobby.

See also

Please see Mark Laszlo-Herbert's and Paul Anicet's descriptions from Archives Made Easy.

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