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Address and Contact Info

Address: www. gwpda .org

E-mail: gwpda @ gwpda .org

Website: http://www. gwpda. org

Principal contacts for the collection: AJ Plotke, PhD

Hours and Usage Restrictions

The Great War Primary Documents Archive is open, day and night, 365 X 24 X 7

Online Catalogs and Finding Aids

A virtual catalogue is available at the site.

Collection Summary

The Great War Primary Documents Archive is (with Trenches on the Web) the first scholarly online Great War archive, first coming live in 1994.

The Great War Primary Document Archive is a non-profit organisation, incorporated in the State of Arizona, dedicated to the encouragement of the collection, preservation, and development in electronic form of materials relating to the First World War, both as a resource for scholars and students, and as a perpetual memorial to the heroism and sacrifice of those who participated in the war throughout the world.

The Great War Primary Document Archive is self-supporting, and seeks to make these materials available to internet sites and facilities for free public access. The Archive also acts as sponsor of deserving facilities, but concentrates on devoting its resources to the preparation of materials pertaining to the Great War. GWPDA serves as a major resource for the National Endowment for the Humanities Digital Humanities Initiative 'Digging into Data'.

Materials on the Great War Primary Document Archive site ( and elsewhere noted) are copyright, where copyright is not otherwise cited, to the Great War Primary Document Archive, which grants non-exclusive and rescindable use of these materials to WWI/WWW.

All documents, articles and other material available at GWPDA are either ex-copyright, have copyright assigned to GWPDA or are subject to fair use copyright. Information is divided into various categories, including primary and secondary resources, material connected to the War at Sea and significant photographs of the Great War and Medical Affairs.

In the event that copyright is unclear, the Archive should be queried as to permissions.

Usage Discussion

Suggestions for approaching the material:

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Fellowships and Funding Opportunities

Major Topic Areas

The Great War, internationally, along with the period generally between 1880-1926.

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