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Address and Contact Info

Address: Bergen, Norway

Telephone & fax:


Principal contacts for the collection:

Hours and Usage Restrictions

None, all sources published on the internet

Online Catalogs and Finding Aids

  • Digitised parish registers
  • Digitised sources
  • Digital books
  • Photo album of farms
  • Internet Exhibitions in the National Archives
  • Course in Gothic handwriting
  • Tracing ancestors in Norway

Collection Summary

Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives) is the Norwegian National Archives' channel for publication of digitised archive material in the form of images, transcribed texts and databases. The publication includes archive material both from electronic sources and traditional paper sources, that are either digitised from an original or a microfilm. The digitised material is processed in the National Archives (Riksarkivet), the regional state archives (statsarkivene) or in our digitising units. Some of the material is also produced through external co-operation. The Regional State Archives of Bergen is responsible for the daily management of Digitalarkivet, as well as being chief editor of the internet site.

Digitalarkivet invites external institutions, organisations and private persons to publish digitised archive material on the internet site. Contributors will get their material published in Digitalpensjonatet (Digital Inn), in which free storage and publication technology, are offered. The guests at Digitalpensjonatet hold the rights to their submitted material and are also responsible for the quality of the digitised material.

Usage Discussion

Suggestions for approaching the material:

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Fellowships and Funding Opportunities


Major Topic Areas



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