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Physical Address

11, rue des Quatre-Fils, 75003 Paris

Mailing Address

Archives nationales
60, rue des Francs-Bourgeois
75141 Paris cedex 03




01 40 27 64 19 (or 64 20)


(33) 01-40-27-66-28


Schedule & hours

Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm

Working language(s)

French, though a few of the staff speak English.


The reading room is well laid out with plenty of room for all researchers. Each space (you will be given a number) has a power outlet for a laptop and its own light.


The easiest way to get to the archive is via the Paris metro. The Line 11 stop at Rambuteau is the closest.


Description of holdings

(a more extensive description (qualitative and/or quantitative) of the holdings and the state in which they are kept)

History of the archive

(previous location(s) of collection held there, and any information that might help researchers to navigate previous systems)

Catalogues & finding aids

Languages of materials

Restrictions & difficulties

Classified material

Inaccessible material

Future of the archive

(what direction is the archive going? what rumours have you heard?)

Research procedures


It is possible to preregister for the CARAN through their website. This will allow you to reserve one document online prior to your first visit. When you arrive at the archive you must register. There are different types of passes you can get for the archive. There are student discounts for the yearly pass (you will need a student ID). A yearly pass is 20 Euros with the reduced rate for students at 10 Euros.

First visit

(what happens when you first come to the archives?)

Permitted and prohibited items

(if possible, account for laptop computers, cameras, scanners, phones, pens and pencils, loose papers, and so on)

  • Permitted: Laptops, pencils, paper, digital cameras
  • Prohibited:

Document ordering

(how do you request documents? how many can you order at a time?)

Ordering classified material

(what special permission is necessary?)

Document delivery

There is a document delivery room to the right when you enter the reading room. Documents can be reserved online. If you want to view the documents when you arrive in the morning, you must submit your request before 3pm. Otherwise the documents will not arrive until 1pm. You are allowed to reserve two documents per day and must look at one or both of the documents before you are allowed to reserve any additional document. However, you may ask for up to five additional documents per day by requesting documents at the CARAN. There is a computer room located to the left of the research desks. You will need your researcher number and your place number (you get your place number at the document delivery desk). Documents requested the day of generally arrive within two to three hours of the request. You cannot have any more than seven requests active at a time.

Photocopying, photography, microfilming

(what are costs, permits, and page limits? how long do you have to wait?)

Key forms

(what are the main forms that the archive uses? if possible, provide links to copies or post copies directly)

Key individuals

Archive staff

(people you've found particularly helpful; no invective)


(scholars who are familiar with this archive)


(published works based on research at this archive)




There are plenty of lockers and are free of charge. Each locker requires a four digit code that you make up. Instructions are on the lockers.


Restrooms are located just off the locker room.


Internet access



See also

Please see Takeshi Yamamoto's description from Archives Made Easy.

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