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I am not sure that digital archives are a logical fit for ArchivesWiki. The intent of the wiki is to provide a forum for exchanging practical advice about using archives, and not primarily to act as an archives directory (these already exist in abundance). It seems to me that the sort of practical advice that users might offer about a specific digital archive might better be shared on the sites of the archives itself, or communicated to the manager of the archive. The existing template for archives contributions is not suited to digital archives, and we'd have to think of new questions to ask for a digital archives template (a draft appears at Template:Digital archive). What do others think? Will Hanley 17:19, 20 September 2010 (UTC)

I think we should make an effort to adapt the Archives Wiki to include Digital Archives, since the separation between physical and digital archives is often somewhat blurry -- I agree that we should think about new questions for the template, for example questions about searchability, transparency, contextualization of collections. I agree that suggestions should be shared with the producers/managers of archives, but not all digital archives provide a forum for open discussions, and there may also be digital archives that are no longer actively managed, but still valuable... [Katharina Hering]

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