Biblioteca Nacional de la República Argentina

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Agüero 2502
Ciudad de Buenos Aires
República Argentina



(54) 11.4808.6000



Schedule & hours

Monday to Friday 10am-5pm.

Working language(s)

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Directions to the archive


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Research procedures


To access the Treasure Books, Newspapers, and books before 1930, you need a 'Credencial de Investigador'

To obtain one, provide the following with fifteen pesos on to the sixth floor librarians and allow 4-6 days. a) Formulario completo (can be obtain in pdf form here b) Fotocopia de las tres primeras páginas del Documento de Identidad: DNI, LC, LE, Cédula de Identidad o Pasaporte (vigentes). c) Dos (2) fotos tipo carnet. (passport size 4x4 photos) d) Curriculum vitae. e) Nota explicando proyecto de investigación.

The materials must be printed, they will not print them for you. All details concerning library research can be found here

Permitted and prohibited items

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  • Permitted:
  • Prohibited:

Document ordering and delivery

The main books and periodicals are requested via computer terminals on the fifth floor. There is a main desk that will answer questions for you, but the process is fairly straightforward. On the computers, you can browse and search the collection by author/theme/title. After locating the materials, you request them by putting in your passport or investigator's credentials if you have obtained a pass. Without a pass, you can only have three books out at a time.

Once ordered, the books arrive at the main desk. To be notified, you must keep an eye on the tiny screens in the main area on the ceiling, they will display your last name and ID # when the books are waiting for you.

Photocopying, photography, microfilming

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Key individuals

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There is no wifi inside the building. There are some vending machines, but no cafe. Once past the main computer terminals, you are not allowed a bag and must place most of your belongings inside a free locker. To use the locker, you must have a 1 peso coin which is returned to you. There are plenty of taxis and buses immediately outside the building, as well as a very nice cafe at the base of the building.

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