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Address and Contact Info

Address: Ladeira de Quintas nº 50, Baixa de Quintas, Salvador, Bahia, CEP40320-14 Brazil Street Map

Telephone & fax: (71) 3244-9729 or (71) 3244-2747 Fax: (71) 3244-9729

Website: APB Website

Principal contacts for the collection:

Director: Maria Tereza Navarro de Brito Matos


Hours and Usage Restrictions

Acervo Documental: The reading room is open from Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 5:30. No document requests can be made from about 11:30 to about 1:00 or after about 4:30, but the reading room remains open. Closed weekends, national holidays both fixed (such as 7 Sept.-Independence Day, Christmas day, etc.) and movable (such as Carnival, Easter, and Corpus Christi).

The reading room is located at the far left corner of the courtyard. Sign in at the front desk each day. You may take pencils, paper, cellphones, and laptop computers into the reading room. All other personal belongings should be stored in one of the small lockers before you enter the room. Users keep the key while in the room. Some desks along the walls of the room are close to outlets. If you need a dictionary, there is a reference bookcase with Portuguese/English dictionaries and an especially helpful dictionary of 18th and 19th century Portuguese abbreviations. You have to get permission to use your own dictionary.

Politely introduce yourself to the desk attendant, explaining what you are researching. They should give you the bound guides to the collection divided into "Seção Colonial / Provincial", "Seção de Arquivos Republicanos", "Seção Fazendária / Alfandegária", "Seção de Arquivos Privados", and "Seção de Arquivos Judiciários." On your first day, the desk attendant will start a "ficha" (card) for you with your name, degree, and nationality. You use this card to make all requests from the archive, filling in the Section and document numbers. The attendants will use this to keep track of what you have checked out. You may request up to five documents at a time. The staff are very helpful, but with the long mid-day break in filling document requests, make sure to plan your research carefully to have have some new sources at hand. As you do more research, they will staple a new card to your ficha.

If you have a good relationship with the archive employees, you can keep documents checked out overnight by writing your full name, the date, and "Em uso" on a piece of paper and leaving the document on the glass cabinet in the back of the room.

No photocopying is allowed, but researchers can ask for permission to take digital photographs of documents. You fill out a form at the reading room desk requesting permission, and then are taken to get official approval from the administration. The florescent lights in the reading room are not very bright, so it takes practice and a steady hand to get usable digital images with no flash.

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