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Edificio de la Lonja
Av. de la Constitución, 3
Edificio de La Cilla
C/ Santo Tomás, 5
41071 Sevilla



(34) 95 450 05 28


(34) 95 421 94 85


Schedule & hours

Monday to Friday 8am-3pm.

Working language(s)

Spanish. Although the archive contains some documents in other languages from various parts of the world, the staff mostly cannot offer assistance in other languages.

Directions to the archive


The archive's website provides a brief breakdown of their holdings. In addition, the archive provides a short bibliography of helpful guides to the archive.

Research procedures


Mostly, access to the archive is free of the charge and does not require an additional registration process. You need to show a passport or ID card for initial registration.

Permitted and prohibited items

(if possible, account for laptop computers, cameras, scanners, phones, pens and pencils, loose papers, and so on)

  • Permitted: laptops, pencils.
  • Prohibited: pens, notebooks, cameras, scanners.

Document ordering and delivery

You can request documents through the computer terminals at the archive (after registration, you will be assigned a terminal in the reading room - here you can search for documents and make requests). Delivery is quick, 15-20 minutes.

Photocopying, photography, microfilming

Photocopying is inexpensive (€0.07 per page), but must be requested. Can take weeks for order to be completed. Digital cameras are not permitted.

Key individuals

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No food or drink at the archive, plenty of cafes nearby. There are bathrooms in the building. There is no wifi in the archive, and you cannot access the internet through their computer terminals either.

See also

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