Archivio Storico Diocesano Cagliari

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The archive is located in the Seminario Archivescovile, just off via Cadello, and close to Monte Claro Provincial Park.


Archivio Storico Diocesano di Cagliari
Via G. Cogoni, 9
09121 Cagliari



+39 070520626



Schedule & hours

Monday 9:30-12:30
Tuesday 9:30-12:30
Wednesday 9:30-12:30, 16:00-19:00

Note: these are the hours posted at the entry to the archive. They are slightly different than those listed on the website.

Summer closure: July 15 through September 5.

Working language(s)

Spoken: Italian
For the documents: Italian, Catalan, Castilian, Latin, Sardu, depending upon what you're working on

Directions to the archive

The archive is located on the #13 bus line.


(describe the archive's contents and its catalogs)

Research procedures


Users would be well advised to contact the director, Msgr. Tonino Cabizzosu, in advance, and to bring a letter of recommendation with them when they come to the archive for the first time. The letter should be directed specifically to Msgr. Cabizzosu, not a general, "to whom it may concern" sort of letter. A passport is necessary for registration. Users must make a 1 euro "donation" each day they come to the archive.

First time users are likely to be interviewed by the director. As always, be as specific as you can be about which documents you would like to see.

Permitted and prohibited items

  • Permitted: laptop computers, pencils, loose papers, notebooks
  • Prohibited: cameras, pens

Users reading manuscript materials must wear latex gloves. These may be provided upon registration, but it would be prudent to bring your own.
Documents must be placed upon the lecturns for reading. Do not place documents on the desks, and do not lean on them. Do not use a pen or pencil to follow line by line while reading; instead, use the cards provided on the lecterns.

Document ordering and delivery

To order a document, fill out a request form (available from reading room staff). Requests must include series and document number. Give the form to one of the reading room staff. The document will be delivered to you at your desk.
Indices are located on the bookshelf in the reading room. There are also a good number of auxiliary volumes, including basic Church histories, histories of Sardinia, and dictionaries.

Photocopying, photography, microfilming

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Key individuals

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Lockers are located inside the reading room. Washrooms are located across the hallway, directly opposite the reading room. There is no internet access, and only one outlet, so make sure your computer battery is fully charged.
There is no cafe on site.

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