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Address and Contact Info:

Executive Office: 104 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia, PA 19106-3387.

Library: 105 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia, PA 19106-3386.

Phone: (215) 440-3400.

Fax: (215) 440-3436/3423.

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Archivists (principal contacts for advice on the collection):

Hours and Restrictions

Collection Summary:

The American Philosophical Society (APS) Library is a national center for research in the history of science and technology as well as America to 1840. It houses over 250,000 volumes and bound periodicals, eight million manuscripts, and thousands of maps and prints. Many long runs of American and foreign scientific publications are not easily available elsewhere. Rare books include first editions of Newton’s Principia, Franklin’s Experiments and Observations, and Darwin’s Origin of Species. Outstanding manuscript collections range from 18th- and 19th-century natural history and linguistics to the modern life sciences, physics, and computer development. Papers from Rockefeller Institute scientists document the organization of early 20th-century medical research. Genetics and quantum physics collections include taped oral histories by founders of the fields. Among the most frequently used collections are the Benjamin Franklin Papers, the papers of the artist Charles Willson Peale and family, and the papers of Franz Boas, founder of modern American anthropology. General and subject guides may be obtained by contacting the library or visiting the web site.

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