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The archive has a large collection of works--both literary and iconographic--on the agricultural history and patrimony of Italy.




Logge Uffizi Corti, 50122 Firenze, ITALY

+39 055.212.114 or +39 055.213.360

+39 055.230.2754

Schedule & hours

The Accademia's administrative office is open Monday to Friday, 9-13 and 15-18:00.The Reading Room and reception for researchers and the public is open from Monday to Friday, 15-18:00.

Working language(s)

Italian preferred, English also spoken

Directions to the archive

The archive is directly opposite the main entrance to the Uffizi Gallery, and is clearly marked.


The Accademia dei Georgofili, founded in Florence in 1753, is to improve and contribute to the progress of agricultural studies in order to preserve the environment and to develop the rural world. There is both a library and an archive. The archive has two main parts, the Historical Archive (Archivio storico), which includes 12,000 documents that cover the period from 1753 to 1911. It is searchable by author, title, keyword, or call number here. The Modern Archive (Archivio moderno) contains everything after 1911, and is searchable here. The Accademia also possesses a large database of photographic and illustrative material, and hosts the Tassinari Collection. Giuseppe Tassinari was a noted professor of agronomy, member of the Accademia, and an important figure in the Ministry of Agriculture during the Fascist period. The Collection includes his writings and some personal papers. In addition, the Accademic has a large library (the Biblioteca).

Research procedures


There is no charge, nor are any credentials or letter of introduction required, but visitors must fill out a card registering their presence. No appointment is necessary and the staff is very helpful.

Permitted and prohibited items

  • Permitted: Notebooks, personal computers, pencils.
  • Prohibited: Food and drink, pens, and consultation of historic volumes without archival gloves. Smoking is also prohibited inside the Accademia.

Document ordering and delivery

There is a difference between the consultation of the library and the archives. For the library, visitors can consult up to three volumes at a time (or one old volume), and there are no "prese." In other words, a new request can be made after finishing with each volume, not only at specific times like many Italian archives. To request a document or book, the visitor simply fills out a request form. having found the call number either online or in the complete work of the Accademia's holdings (available at the Academia). The works requested are then consulted in the Sala di Lettura (Reading Room). Consulted works can be left "on deposit," with the exception of rare books. There is no interlibrary loan available.

The Historic Archive can only be consulted on microfilm, and then only three microfilm rolls at a time. Only in rare occasions that the microfilm version cannot be read can the original document be requested. The Modern Archive can only be consulted with an appointment.

Photocopying, photography, microfilming

The Accademia will do photocopying or high-resolution scanning for a small charge. For the former, the usual limits are in effect (Italian law prohibits copying more than 15% of any work), and any poorly-conserved works cannot be photocopied. Both scans and photocopies must be requested. Publishing scanned material is possible with a formal request, a small fee, proper crediting, and two copies of the final work. Photocopies can be done the same day, scanning is usually done within a few weeks but depends on the amount of work the archivists have.

Key individuals

Davide Fiorino is the person responsible for the archives, and the best contact person.


The archive is in the center of Florence and is therefore surrounded by inexpensive cafés and overpriced restaurants. The Accademia has a bathroom and lockers for bags, and personal computers are allowed.

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